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Ninh Binh temples and pagodas

Dich Long pagoda
  There is a very famous pagoda in Gia Thanh - Gia Vien - Ninh Binh province (considered to be the 3 most beautiful pagodas in Vietnam) that is Dich Long pagoda...

Thai Vi temple
  The temple was built by King Tran Thai Tong in 1258 after the first and glorious victory over the invading Chinese forces. Historical records state that the king, who was 41 years old, after the victory handed power over to his son and went to a small town located in todays Ninh Hai commune...

Bai Dinh pagoda
  Bai Dinh Pagoda consists of the old and new sections. The newer section is a representation of Vietnams past, its traditional cultural identity, and majestic architecture. Because of these designs and fragments of the past, the pagoda is a main attraction for tourists...

Phat Diem stone cathedral
  "Stone cathedral" was almost made of stone with beautiful reliefs. From the outside, we are surprised with the carvings, the column stone with motifs are pine tree,chrysanthemum, flute,ochna. All of them are beared Asia's style. More interesting when we step inside, we surprised with red and yellow like a pagoda of Viet Nam...

Bich Dong pagoda
  Visiting Bich Dong Pagoda, you will have chance to learn about the architecture style as well as the traditional values, which are contained in each construction in the complex. The first destination to be visited is the Ha (Lower) Pagoda, which is situated right at the foot of the mountain...


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