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Ninh Binh handicraft villages

Phuc Loc carpentry village
  Phuc Loc also have workers with hands and minds talents, ingenious work creating fine art wood products advanced, sophisticated, elegant traditional style such as tea cabinet, inlaid, collapsed cells, the church, the kind of economic self-serve furniture, festivals...

Ninh Van stone carving village
  Stone products include statues, animals and birds, stele, ornament tanks, large pocerlain vases, flower-basins, tables, chairs, beds, incense-tables, thrones, bridgs, gates, door-steps and beams. There are aslo fine-arts products and aritcles made of stone like tea cups and pots...

Van Lam embroidery village
  Van Lam is considered to be one of the cradles of traditional embroidery which is very famous in Vietnam. According to village annals, embroidery has existed there for over seven centuries. The patriarch, Do Cong Hau, was a military general under Tran dynasty...


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